The goal for our kindergarten is to assist your children to grow both socially and academically in a safe environment. Socially, we try to start building life skills that enable students to begin making decisions and solve problems independently. Academically, we strive to give them a strong basic foundation in reading, writing and math, as well as an introduction to science and social studies.

Our class curriculum follows and meets the Oregon State Standards for Kindergarten. Overall it provides a well balanced learning approach for your child’s introduction to reading and math. Science and social studies are integrated into the reading curriculum and class activities. We also supplement the curriculum with daily Bible lessons.

Our reading program, Imagine It from McGraw-Hill, is phonics based and supports young readers at whatever level they may be. In kindergarten, we work on identifying all letters, both upper and lower case, and learning their individual sounds. Once this is attained, we move on to decoding and blending to read for accuracy. The goal is to build strong, confident beginning readers.

Our math curriculum, Excel Math, begins with number recognition and builds on simple math concepts such as size relationship, units of time, shapes and addition and subtraction. It is a worksheet based curriculum which is supplemented with daily hands-on manipulative activities. Building on basic math concepts and learning how to organize information and solve problems is critical for a strong foundation in math.