About Us

New Life Christian School's intent is to be good stewards of the children entrusted to our care and training. It is our desire, during this crucial stage of their growth, to help children develop their skills in an environment centered on and around Jesus Christ. Through our teaching, we seek to communicate to the children that God made us, He loves us, and that we are special people in his eyes.

Our programs are designed to aid and enrich the growth and development of each child.  We are an academic focused school that believes in providing structure and consistency with a Christian emphasis and loving atmosphere. Our school has served the Hillsboro community for more than 30 years.

Our Purpose

New Life Christian School strives to provide care, education and social development for every child enrolled. We also want to help them to reach their greatest potential-spiritually, mentally, physically, emotionally, and socially. This is to be accomplished by providing a learning and developmental experience consistent with the Christian principles of New Life Baptist Churchbased on the authority of the Bible.

What are our goals?

New Life Christian School's first goal is to share and exhibit the love of Jesus Christ to our students and their families. We do this by first creating an environment for the children to feel loved and accepted. Secondly, we set specific academic goals and work toward each student reaching their full potential. Along the way they develop necessary classroom and social skills needed to be successful in the next stage of their growth.